Video spoting scope, Compact, Easy to Use, 4000+ yards

Target Shooting for the 21st Century

What Inspired Us.

We’ve found, as we're sure many others have, that while spotting scopes are handy, they can be quite cumbersome and hard to use. They also tend to work better if you have a 2nd person to feed information to you, or if you’re by yourself you have to go back and forth, which, if you’re sighting in, can be very frustrating. Not to mention if you want to use targets at long distances, spotting scopes start getting very expensive, plus you can get heat distortion and limitations of optics at great distances.

All this inspired us to come up with a better and easier way, our answer, The DTM Camera Systems.

Maximum Distance

The DTM Camera Systems allow you to monitor a target from a distance of 4000+ yards, that’s over 2 miles!

Systems come in a 1 or 2 camera kit, and can be expanded up to 8 cameras.

The 1 camera system comes with everything you need to get started, a camera, monitor, charging cords, instructions, and a water tight carry case.

The 2 camera system comes with everything 1 camera system does, plus offers the ability to view 2 completely separate targets from a single monitor, this lets you setup 2 target positions, and at the push of a button switch between them, without having to take yourself off target.

Easy to Use!

We've kept this system super easy to use, nothing to assemble, Just turn on the power and you're ready to go! The 7” viewing monitor has an adjustable bench stand as well as a convenient tri-pod mount. The DTM200 Series Camera offers an armored shell and has an easily adjusted angle setting to accommodate a large variation in target heights, from 1” off the ground up to 15’ in the air, and target diameters from 6” to 60".

You don’t even need to move your head away from your stock, just place the monitor to your side and move your eye from your scope or sites and view your target.

IT's That Easy!